Piscatorial articles, experiences, tales both fictional and non-fictional, how to's, how not to's and related bumph from the Working Party. These have been roughly sorted into Coarse, Game, Saltwater, Poetry or General if they overlap or simply aren’t classifiable.

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The International Language Saltwater - The International Language by Doug

"Fishing is a great leveller, you know"... Doug on holiday...

Added on 25/08/2009

The Big Fight at Lower Duck Island Game - The Big Fight at Lower Duck Island by Doug

"In a flash I was concentrating again. There really is something addictive about this wandering style of angling that awakens the subconscious hunting instinct…there it goes again, what a stealthy rise this fish is making. Certainly not the splashy, porpoise-like, rise of the bottom dwelling grayling nor the urgent, jumpy rise of the small trout indigenous to this river...." - a wonderful, riverside tale from Doug

Added on 23/12/2007

Mullet Fever Saltwater - Mullet Fever by Doug

First of all let me state my case; I make no claim to be a Mullet expert, I have only fished for them since 1987 and anyone who does is probably at best a sprucer or worse still, a complete charlatan. However, I like Mullet and fish for them whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

Added on 27/01/2007


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