Piscatorial articles, experiences, tales both fictional and non-fictional, how to's, how not to's and related bumph from the Working Party. These have been roughly sorted into Coarse, Game, Saltwater, Poetry or General if they overlap or simply aren’t classifiable.

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The Retiring Angler Coarse - The Retiring Angler by Dave

The fish of a lifetime...Dave's enjoying his retirement

Added on 05/06/2009

Memories of Cheshunt Coarse - Memories of Cheshunt by Dave

Dave gives us a special insight into his 'Red Spinner' days on that most famous of angling waters, Cheshunt Resevoir.

Added on 11/12/2008

Making and renovating landing net handles General - Making and renovating landing net handles by Dave

"Landing net handles are not high on the list of self-builds and repairs; after all there is a much greater “showing off” factor when one produces a clutch of hand crafted quill floats, a dozen nymph imitations or a meticulously constructed cane rod. Nonetheless, after the hook, line and rod have done their bit it is the landing net that gets the specimen fish safely onto the bank..." - more 'Angling on a budget' from Dave

Added on 26/07/2008

A useful line winder Game - A useful line winder by Dave

"How frustrating it is to wind a spool of new line onto your reel only to find it is of a thinner diameter than the old stuff and fails to fill the reel spool or conversely you cannot fit on more than 80 yards of new line..." - Dave's answer to a common frustration

Added on 09/10/2007

Tanzania Tigers General - Tanzania Tigers by Dave

Our Man in Africa...Dave proves exotic, overseas angling needn't just be the reserve of the rich and famous...and yes he did use his favourite bait... bread!

Added on 09/10/2007

Rod Conversion – fly to coarse Coarse - Rod Conversion – fly to coarse by Dave

Dave details his ingenious conversion of an old Allcock's cane fly rod for coarse fishing use.

Added on 14/05/2007

The Allcock’s Black Knight - Restoration of a cane rod Coarse - The Allcock’s Black Knight - Restoration of a cane rod by Dave

Coming into his possession in a very distressed condition, Dave describes the restoration of his 'Black Knight' to it's former glory.

Added on 04/01/2007


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