Piscatorial articles, experiences, tales both fictional and non-fictional, how to's, how not to's and related bumph from the Working Party. These have been roughly sorted into Coarse, Game, Saltwater, Poetry or General if they overlap or simply aren’t classifiable.

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Changing Chapters Coarse - Changing Chapters by Mike

Big changes for Mike at La Morinas

Added on 07/10/2009

A Price on Your Head Coarse - A Price on Your Head by Mike

Mike talks big carp and his different approach to fisheries management...

Added on 07/10/2009

A Midlife Crisis & the Black Death Coarse - A Midlife Crisis & the Black Death by Mike

Mike gets all hot hatched...

Added on 07/07/2009

The Big Fight Coarse - The Big Fight by Mike

Mike holds his breath as the big girls spawn...

Added on 07/07/2009

Fishing for the Future Coarse - Fishing for the Future by Mike

Mike ponders on the times ahead...

Added on 29/04/2009

Unexpectations Coarse - Unexpectations by Mike

La Morinais is frozen....Mike's out in the cold.

Added on 06/02/2009

Christmas & New Year Greetings from La Morinais Coarse - Christmas & New Year Greetings from La Morinais by Mike

Mike looks back on this year at La Morinais

Added on 27/12/2008

Two Easy To Catch General - Two Easy To Catch by Mike

"What I love about a centrepin the most, is the feeling of the direct contact with a running fish. What was clearly a heavy fish, headed outwards, warming up my thumb nicely as the drums sizzles round. Oh that sound!..." - Mike gets hooked...

Added on 22/11/2008

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