Piscatorial articles, experiences, tales both fictional and non-fictional, how to's, how not to's and related bumph from the Working Party. These have been roughly sorted into Coarse, Game, Saltwater, Poetry or General if they overlap or simply aren’t classifiable.

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A Pleb and a Wild Brown Trout Game - A Pleb and a Wild Brown Trout by Danny

Danny's on the Wylye...

Added on 03/09/2009

The Anguilla Cup Coarse - The Anguilla Cup by Danny

Danny remembers eels from the past...

Added on 07/07/2009

Excuses, excuses General - Excuses, excuses by Danny

Need an excuse why you've not caught? Danny has plenty to share...

Added on 05/04/2009

Two barbel... Coarse - Two barbel... by Danny

Danny returns to the Hampshire Avon...

Added on 09/03/2009


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