Piscatorial articles, experiences, tales both fictional and non-fictional, how to's, how not to's and related bumph from the Working Party. These have been roughly sorted into Coarse, Game, Saltwater, Poetry or General if they overlap or simply aren’t classifiable.

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A few words about bread Coarse - A few words about bread by John M

An old dog gets taught new tricks.. John M continues his words about bait series

Added on 22/09/2007

Morning Coarse - Morning by John M

Tales of early mornings from John

Added on 10/05/2007

A few words about Casters Coarse - A few words about Casters by John M

"Ahhhh, casters. Casters are hemps best mate. They go together like, fish and chips, Lennon & McCartney, Mills & Boon. I love ‘em. Just smelling a bait tin full of casters makes me happy, and I just know I will catch when I’ve got caster on the hook."

Added on 09/03/2007

A Few Words About Hemp Coarse - A Few Words About Hemp by John M

I have an opinion that there are no wonder baits, no secret killer ingredients. Anglers are successful because they have confidence in their methods. I have total confidence in Hemp. In almost any situation. I believe it will draw fish into my swim because of its scent, and I believe it holds them there as long as I keep it going in.. John M talks hemp

Added on 02/02/2007

My First Pike Coarse - My First Pike by John M

John M recalls the morning of January 3rd 1983 and the capture of his first pike.

Added on 09/12/2006


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