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If you were to ask the question - "If you could only fish with one bait - what would it be?" - I'm sure the short list - in no particular order would look something like maggots, bread, worms. Re phrase the question slightly and say you can only 'Specimen Hunt' with one bait and I reckon worms and lobs in particular would rule the roost.

As a bait they have everything going for them; wriggly, wholesome, eaten by everything - and in these credit crunch times - free!

For the first 5 years of my angling life - I used NOTHING else. In truth this was born out of necessity - the tackle shop in the village where I lived didn't sell maggots. (In truth it was a traditional Iron Mongers - which sold a bit of tackle - more I suspect, because of the shop keeper's son - who was in my class at school - and like me was mad keen on fish-in!). And my mother always seemed to notice when I'd knicked some bread from the larder - so worms it was. Despite this 'uni-bait' approach I caught plenty of fish - and never saw my reliance on worms a handicap - in fact it seemed to me that I had the edge on others who had managed to acquire some maggots as their ratio of minnows to proper fish was much higher than mine. This reliance on worms dried up - quite literally in the long hot summer of 1976 - when the ground was too hard to dig - and I still remember buying my first tin of Luncheon Meat - and feeling rather guilty as I knew my mum would frown on me 'throwing food into the river!". By that time I'd caught 18 different species on worm - and all my PB's except pike were worm caught.

I still use worms a lot today - and whilst I don't have quite the same reliance on them as I had as a youngster they are still the first thing on my hook if I want to catch a big perch.


Inducted on 19/01/2009

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