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The Witcher Aerial


It might be considered by some to be the height of conceit for a chap to try and improve on 'perfection'. However, this is exactly what the 'Reel Maker Extraordinaire' - Paul Witcher has achieved. Taking the designs of the classic Match Aerials as his template he has set out to build his own reels which are today even more sought after than the originals.

The build quality of Paul's reels is spectacular - with an eye for detail, perfectionism and fastidiousness which at times borders on OCD. His reel making career - now sadly in hiatus again - produced 2 stand out designs - The Bisterene - of which only 15 were made - and the very last reels of his career - a 'copy' of the 1920 Allcocks Aerial. Simply called the Witcher Aerial the attention to detail on these reels even extended to making the reels look old. All reels made by Paul are highly sought after by collectors but these two command the highest prices (Bisterenes hardly ever come onto the market). The reels however shouldn't be seen as collectors pieces - they should be seen for what they are - items of fishing tackle - and bloody good ones at that. It's a sad fact that many of Paul's creations sit in glass fronted cabinets and never turn to the pull of a float or have their ratchets sound to the play of a fish. Criminal. My own Witcher Aerial is used a LOT - especially in the winter when I do a lot of trotting it's almost always the first reel to be strapped onto the float rod. It is simply a joy to use.

(A full history of Paul reel building career can be found here:


Inducted on 19/01/2009

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