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The Green Waxed Wide-Rimmed Hat


First lets get one thing straight - this is NOT a eulogy for a floppy hat - after 2 decades of waxing, my Green Wide-Rimmed Waxed Hat (hereinto referred to as GWRWH) is stiffer than Ron Jeremy

* on the first day of rehearsals.

This piece of headgear has served me heroically over the last 20 years - it has everything a fisherman needs; A wide rim for shade on a summers day, this same rim 'gutters' away the rain from your neck in wet weather - mine is even slightly quilted for winter warmth. This is a hat that sticks two fingers up to any weather. It even has a lanyard - should a heavy gust of wind try to remove it from your head. (It's predecessor was lost on the famous Upper Benyons stretch of the Kennet - fishing a gale in the late 80's it was blown clean off my bonce and landed mid-stream). For the style conscious there's even a jaunty leather band around the head piece. The GWRWH has even been know to double up as a cushion - acting as a barrier between my derrière and wet grass. My GWRWH set me back some 20guineas - the best 20g's I ever spent on an item of clothing. Today, however, one may need to spend twice as much to get one like it. A worthwhile investment for an item of clothing that I wouldn't be without on the river bank, I heartily recommend to the HoF.
Picture shows the GWRWH earning its corn during a wet and sleety November's day on the Kennet back in 2004 - the perch weighed 3lb 3oz.

* Warning - if you've never heard of Ron don't Google him from the office PC - results are likely to be NSFW.


Inducted on 19/01/2009

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