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Maybe you think water is a strange thing to elect to a Hall of Fame that is dedicated to icons of the past. But was it not Chris Yates who so aptly wrote that a river upstream of the angler’s peg is future time and downstream is time that has passed him by. And, on the grander scale, water was the birthplace of all life and remains the better part of our very being, so what better icon can there be?

Most anglers know something about the physics of water (or at least they should). You know the sort of thing: universal solvent, densest at four degrees but then, as it freezes into ice, it floats and so on. Such is the tenacity of water molecules one for another that they prefer to stick together as jolly, chubby, little blobs instead of thin, expanding films of wetness. Yet do they not yield their minute, invisible atomic forces to slide and slip past each other with such fascinating variety and form to give we, the fishermen, such a wondrous medium in which to dream our days away?

I reckon that there are more descriptive words about water in the English language (and probably in every other tongue) than any other entity be it artificial or from nature. With that thought in mind the remainder of this piece is simply a list of adjectives – you may have many more.

Movement: flowing, ebbing, racing, crashing, dashing, rising, falling, dropping, slopping, swirling, swishing, sloshing, washing, foaming, rushing, gushing, pushing, spilling, streaming, writhing, racing, swarming, sweeping, pulsing, throbbing, merging, breaking, lapping, rippling, dimpled, dappled, sluggish and still. Stagnant.

Sounds: gurgling, chuckling, crashing, lashing, roaring, hissing, fizzing, plopping, whispering, murmuring, grumbling and moaning. Silent.

Colour: blue, brown, green, grey, azure, turquoise, clear, glassy, crystal, transparent, translucent, opaque, coloured, cloudy, murky, mucky, dirty, silty, peaty, tinged, stained, chocolate and tea. Invisible.

Perception: threatening, sinister, shrouded, veiled, ghostly, seductive, serene, caressing, soothing, peaceful, tranquil, treacherous, deep, dark and dank. Wet.

Now I don’t know about you, but with me for every word I’ve written I have a mental image: the swim, the weather, the time, the place. The memory which lingers still.

Let’s raise a glass, a salutation - to water.


Inducted on 12/01/2007

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