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A good woman's love is like a river
Runnin' through the heart of a man
If he gives her all he can give her
She'll be there at every bend

- Vince Gill

Last day 5lb er...

Chris is a child of the 60's (just) and being a Berkshire Lad has lived within a stones throw of the Kennet nearly all his life. He was taken fishing from a VERY early age - and by the time his father passed away a month before his 7th birthday the fires had already been lit. Bequeathed and totally inspired by, his father's copy of Mr Crabtree he was then a frustrated child angler - limited to the occasional grand-parentally supervised fishing trip. He wasn't allowed to go on his own until he'd learnt to swim. A wise move as he was (and still is) prone to falling in. By the time he was 9½ he could swim 2 lengths of a pool fully clothed - and thus satisfied his mother unleashed him onto the River Kennet - where he's been ever since!

Chris says that whilst the Kennet is still the love of his life he does now admit to having a number of mistresses, notably the Itchen for its wonderful Grayling, and occasionally he'll be found in the arms of the Hampshire Avon or the river Test. If he fancies a quickie - there's always his local River Lambourn often a good stand-by when the Kennet is out of sorts and having a sulk.

In the summer Chris can be found by still water - though Tench and Crucians are likely to be his quarry rather than fish with names. The 16th of June is still a special day in Chris's calendar - being observant of the old close season - its kept him married to the lovely (and tolerant) Jacqui for over 20 years!

If asked to name his favourite species Barbel, Grayling and Crucians would be in the top 3 - pushed hard by the humble Dace - of which Chris has managed to fluke a number of Kennet whoppers over the years.

Chris's first tackle was a tank aerial rod and a 2¾in centrepin - both given to him by his great grand father. (He still has the reel). Through diligent saving of pocket money - and 3 paper rounds a day - 'proper' tackle was acquired. The rod was replaced with a purchase from Woolies (!) and a Mitchell reel was obtained. In the last 15 years Chris has returned to his roots and been bitten by the centrepin bug. This affliction now sees him the proud user (not a collector - note - reels are made to be fished with!) of some of Paul Witcher, Chris Lythe & Richard Carter's finest works. It'll be no surprise to learn that he puts long trotting as his favourite method.

When Chris started fishing 'solo' at the age of 10 he kept a diary of each outing - something he still does to this day. Alas, the first 2 years were lost in a house move but he still has records of every fishing trip he's made since the start of the 73/74 season. These days a version of his dairy is kept 'on-line' for all to see : View Chris's blog at

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