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Age: let's just say 50 was in the past.
Sex: if I' m lucky!
Years fishing: 45 plus.

Type of fishing enjoyed: In the summer Trout and Grayling with fly&cane at the Wilton Club. I also Tench fish mostly on the pole in estate lakes nearby. I also fish small streams for chub with bread and centerpin. I fish at least three times a week, short sessions only. If near the sea I attempt to catch Bass and Mullet.

In the Autumn I fish the Thames for Roach and Chub using a Hardy Matchmaker and a hand made pin trotting sweetcorn or bread. Sometimes I fish for Barbel in the Kennet or the Royalty. I still get out three times a week until the weather breaks.

In the winter I mainly fish the Thames for Roach and Chub. I prefer to trot but do ledger if the conditions dictate and fish only when I feel I'm in with a chance of either. I also nymph and trot for Grayling and Perch on the Wylye and plug for Pike when the keeper wants me to get them out of the river.

Specimen groups: Chub Study Group for over 16 years. Tenchfishers for a long time but at the moment not contributing much but previously was a Regional Organiser. Salmon and Trout Association committee member. Grayling Society member.

Other interests: Stella or Belgian champagne as I call it. All real Beer. Good wine. The Matron. Annoying politicians who call at my door by playing the devils advocate. Ditto for Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons - they no longer call round after I persuaded several of them to reconsider their faith! Tottenham Hotspur. English Cricket. Jack Russells. Going on holiday to Portugal. Steak Pie and home made bread (made by me) washed down with a proper cup of tea. Fruit Cake.Dragonflies.

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