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I came out of water (or amniotic fluid) – and I have stayed there ever since… close to water that is! Spending numerous summer evenings together with my father row trolling for perch and jack pike got me hooked. Fishing is a necessity, a drug, a way of life, and a refuge…

At the moment I am trying to conclude and finish my post-graduate studies, putting together some kind of thesis (any kind will do). But I’m constantly drifting away… pictures of huge carp appear from nowhere, and being haunted by big pike when I finally get some sleep… priorities tend to shift… I might just as well go fishing tomorrow!

But I shouldn’t complain. Studying paleolimnology (the historical reconstruction of limnetic environmental change) is, in fact, a real treat! If I’m not fishing I still get to discuss altered fish population status, fish elimination or other changes in fish community composition. I’m practically (and mentally) indoctrinated… freshwater fish all around.

But there’s nothing like actually trying to catch them on rod and line. Carp, tench, pike, bream, chub… it really doesn’t matter, as long as I’m out there doing it. This year (2009) I’ll try for some big pre-spawning monster pike and later I’ll seek to find some forgotten monster carp… did I mention I’m quite familiar with blank sessions?

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