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Born in the fertile angling play ground that is Hackeny East London,in the spring of 1970. Not a soul in m family had ever fished. And to this day, they all thought it would be just a passing phase.

My first rod and reel was purchased, from good "Ol Woolies" aged about ten. I started on the canals and ponds around home,with very little idea as to, what to do. It was a steep learning curve!!

In my late teens until late twenties, I was very much into my Carp angling, fishing many waters in Essex. Until one day I just lost the urge to fish. Burn out? Maybe? But I just got bored of the robotic nature of it all.

Now I'm a river nut. I fish the Mole, Loddon, St.Pats, Wandle and Thames. With the odd trip to the Hampshire Avon, Kennet and Test. Only this season 2006/2007 have I started to use the "Pin and Cane" combi.

Not for elitism, but just to suit me.  And I really am enjoying my angling so very much.

I hope to add to this site, and can be found on the Waterlog Forum as "Hobbgoblin".

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