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Childhood garden angling...

Born in the late seventies, I have been a resident of southern England and a keen fisher all my life. It started, as is so often the case, with a loving father who returned one fateful day with a small fishing rod. Those early sessions with my patient father set the tone for the rest of my life, even pretending in the garden was fun. Since then, apart from a break whilst at university, I have always fished. I'm lucky in having a wonderful, understanding wife who realises I will always be an angler in some form or other.

Drifting between freshwater and salt, I now find myself an averagely competent, but contented all-rounder, fishing different styles from one session to the next. Trotting a small float or fly down a small stream, stalking carp up close or sitting behind two rods, rolling meat for barbel, beach fishing, summer evenings travelling light with a spinning rod for bass or even trying to do an impression of an elegant flycaster - the only problem is finding the time to satisfy the piscatorial urge.

Although I'm not an avid collector of tackle, I appreciate quality gear both new and old, be it an old Mitchell 300 or a Shimano Baitrunner. I'm a firm believer in matching your gear to your quarry (this incidentally is as good an excuse as any for a healthy tackle collection if she asks). I don't mind using carbon, cane or even glass fibre rods,  mixing the traditional with the modern. I have to admit though, being a recent convert, there is something rather special about split cane rods.  I'm lucky to be currently enjoying the MKIV Malcolm has made for me in this respect.

John with Barbel

I learnt long ago that enjoying your fishing is more important than anything else. Taking a step back and remembering how it all started is very liberating. Having found that less is definitely more, I'm always on the look out for ways to take less gear with me too.

When I can't be fishing I also enjoy reading angling literature, particularly books on carp fishing and it's history. I'm also a member of the ACA, ECHO and the Bass Anglers's Sportfishing Society (B.A.S.S). All organisations, among others, doing a lot for angling and the natural environment, they simply deserve angler's support.

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