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John M


Born in Sheffield in 1954. I'm married with 2 grown up boys. I Started fishing at 5 or 6 years old with my dad, but really got serious around the age of 17. I used to fish the small mill ponds near my home in Sheffield and used predominantly match style tactics, fine lines, small hooks. My hero's were guys like Ivan Marks and Kevin Ashurst. I moved to Cambridgeshire in 1982 and lived in the fens for 5 years, exploring the waters and starting to catch pike. My very first pike weighed 23lb 4oz from a big brick pit at the back of where I worked.

We moved to Hampshire in 1987 and I started fishing small estate lakes and beginning to catch a few carp and tench, moving away from light line tactics and targeting bigger fish, though I would never ever class myself as a specimen hunter. It was while I lived in Hampshire that I started to write a few articles which were published in David Halls coarse fishing magazine. In all I had 13 articles published between 1990 and 1992. In 1991 we moved to Southern Ireland, and I had a great 2 years exploring the Lower Shannon and the lakes of County Clare and catching a few along the way.

We moved back to England in 1993 and I stopped fishing for 11 years. The boys were growing up, my wife worked weekends, so i was looking after the lads, and I just fell out of the habit of fishing. Then in 2004, I was kicking round the house during the Christmas break, looking at the frost in the garden, bored with Christmas telly, and I just got the urge to go Pike fishing again. I dug out my gear, joined the local club, and I’ve been back fishing since.

I wouldn’t classify myself as any 'type' of angler, I just go fishing.

After my return to fishing in 2004, I had 4 years in the North West of England, fishing for tench, roach and rudd in the summer , and pike in the winter on the waters around my home in Southport, however, I recently moved back down South and am now living just 2 miles from the River Kennet in West Berkshire, and looking forward to exploring the river and the local lakes. I also took up Fluff Chucking this year, (something I thought I’d never do), which has opened up an entire new world of ways to spend money on things I don’t really need. Hey-ho

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