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My school summer holidays were spent by my local Macclesfield canal fishing for gudgeon, roach & perch. A 1lb tench was a monster then & would cause hysteria amongst the local village schoolboys, if someone were lucky enough to catch one. Everyone seemed to go fishing then. Growing into teenage years enabled fishing a local lake, in the grounds of an old private school. Here, there were much bigger tench, bigger roach, rumours of big carp & the Grey Lady – the resident ghost. How I relished those years. If I knew my son would enjoy the same experiences, I could not wish for anything better.

I am now progressing through my fifth decade & doing my best to keep that magic alive. I love carp fishing. But why is it, when waiting my turn in the barber shop, I can pick up a modern carp magazine & be bored with it in five minutes? If you do not mind spending just a few minutes reading The Rise, Fall & Resurrection of a Carp Angler, the person I am referring to in the text, is in fact myself. The content will give you the flavour of my thoughts & beliefs. Its not that I condemn modern carp angling techniques, I guess it's just not for me.

The Lake...

As I often say to people, 'if you are not happy about something – what are you doing about it?' Well, in 1998, forever the optimist, I jumped off the cliff & took a voluntary redundancy cheque. Sally, my wife was expecting our first child & I was now voluntarily unemployed. Things often have a funny way of turning out the way you envisage. It is somewhat a long story but by Christmas 2000 I was totally broke, but the novice owner of sixteen acres of lakes & woodlands.

I have this dilemma about being a 'land owner'. How can you 'own' land? All I am is the temporary custodian. One day I'll pop my clogs & then the next temporary custodian will come along, putting their personality & dreams into action. Custodianship for me however is such a great privilege, if you care it comes with great responsibility but returning endless, unlimited & ever-changing pleasure.

You will see the Lake Diary, here I hope to entertain you on all the 'other' things that go into running a fishery. So, we'll see how we go, if you enjoy it we'll keep going. Of course though, sometimes we will put the diary down & just go a fishing. Especially if there are bubblers about.....

Keep smiling


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