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Robin abroad...

I'm a life long all round angler and being at ease with my own company I usually fish alone, although the occasional day out with a freind makes a nice change. I started off as a child float fishing for small fish and progressed to legering and slightly bigger fish. Later I discovered carp and concentrated my efforts on them for the thick end of twenty years with a bit of barbel and trout thrown in, before eventually ending up doing all the previous in roughly equal measure with a large chunk of shallow saltwater sight fishing in the US added for good measure.. This, of course, is enough for anyone and should keep me off the streets for the duration.

In days of yore I wrote the odd article for Brian Harris's 'Angling' magazine and then later on for 'Coarse Angler', but it took John Henderson to recently persuade me to get the typewriter out again... I'm a lover of nature, of the countryside in general and the waterside in particular, and surely no vista is complete without water somewhere close by? I love the wildlife and appreciate how much more one is able to observe whilst fishing, although this relfects the passive side of angling and suits only certain times or disciplines. There is another side of the sport, however, requiring a much more active involvement, where concentration on the task in hand tends to block out the peripheral senses. This is the place I really like to be, feeling like a hunter, at one with the environment, absorbed into the landscape, every sense and nerve on edge.. Sounds a bit dramatic doesn't it? It's certainly exciting, and it only comes with an intense desire to catch the quarry, and not if one is prepared just to sit around enjoying the view and hoping maybe for a bite.. Stalking, or sight fishing as its called in the US, is the obvious way to experience this rush and in my view is the pinnacle of enjoyment, and sometimes despair... You see I really like to catch fish, not at any cost, but suffice to say I don't like blanking. I have never gone along with the nonsense that suggests that a lost fish or lengthy blank can be made up for by a kingfisher landing on ones rod, cute as this may be.

Robin abroad...

So here we are, in between fishing trips, enjoying a fine website and reading the views and experiences of this diverse group of misfits..... (Piscators I mean, only joking.)

Quite a nice place to be really..


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