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Born in Derbyshire in 1971 I didn’t take up fishing until about 1983. My first outfit was a six foot affair that my parents bought me while on holiday in Brixham, Devon. Why they asked if I wanted a fishing outfit I will never know, as it’s not something I’d ever mentioned to them. However I’m so grateful that they did, and from that moment on I never looked back. It took me two years to catch my first fish – what can I say I’m a slow learner, but I never gave up.

I took up fly fishing in 1984 with my father during the miners strike, but my first love during the eighties and early nineties was coarse fishing. The last fifteen years however the roles have reversed and most of my time has been spent fly fishing, although occasionally I have dipped my toe back into the coarse fishing world. I love creeping along the banks of the Derbyshire limestone rivers fishing dry fly for wild trout. Fishing the Derbyshire Wye at mayfly time is a magical experience and something everyone should experience at least once.

Towards the back end of 2007 I decided I wanted to get back into the coarse fishing scene as I felt there was unfinished business I had to attend to. I’m not one for lugging loads of gear down the bank. Just a one rod set-up, a landing net and some bait will do me. I love the stalking approach, sneaking up on a fish and trying to get bait into places that most other anglers would ignore. Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to fly fishing so much.

I’m not a competitive angler, although I do like to set myself goals. My goal for this year is to catch my first Zander and up some of my personal bests.

I like to go fishing twice a week if possible in-between shifts at work. Outside of fishing and work, I like to go to book fairs scouring the stands for fishing books.

The greatest influence in my fishing career has been local angler John Neville. He is a legend in his own right and has fished with some of the greats such as Walker, Taylor, Rickards to name but a few, and his knowledge and expertise has made me the avid angler I am today.

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