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Born in England. Caught first fish 1931. Qualified geologist. Worked at Natural History museum and universities around the world. Fished from Greenland to world's driest continent where stuck now. Have never used guides or fishing lodges because fishing should be an adventure. Once wrote fishing column in Canada under pen-name of Tarka. Recent stuff in Eureka Street and letters to Fly Fishing and FlyTying under real name. Fished twice with Willie Gunn. Do you know the fly named after him?

Lived in Negley Farson's cabin for two years then spent two more years sailing my engineless wooden sloop up the 52,000 mile contorted BC coast. Fished many of the thousands of still nameless rivers that run into that part of the Pacific. Now trying to complete a book about it, provisional title 'Fishing the River of Time'. Any one know a good publisher?

Favourite fish is whatever is in the river at the time but think Steelhead the ultimate prize.






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