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Pure Piscator was produced between the years 2006-2009, from the efforts of a rag-tag group of normal, everyday anglers, referred to collectivily as 'The Work Party'. Saltwater or Fresh, Coarse, Game or Sea, traditional or modern, here it mattered not, the idea simply to create a varied collection of articles and writings from across the angling world.

Hopefully this site has reflected all that is positive about the pastime of angling, reminded us of its purer virtues and that a little bankside etiquette still has its place. At the same time, the aim of this site was to be a little different, somewhat entertaining and, most importantly, a welcoming place - an online piscatorial refuge if you like.  So whilst that rod can't be in your hand, delve within, relax, look back and hopefully enjoy.

'The Work Party'

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A few words about Casters - by John M
View A few words about Casters"Ahhhh, casters. Casters are hemps best mate. They go together like, fish and chips, Lennon & McCartney, Mills & Boon. I love ‘em. Just smelling a bait tin full of casters makes me happy, and I just know I will catch when I’ve got caster on the hook."

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A Glorious Waste of Time

- Jim Gibbinson

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